Flip PDF corporate edition for Windows and Mac

Flip PDF corporate edition is a premium flipbook maker software that is available for both Windows and Mac. It helps to convert PDF files to digital flipping publications with powerful attributes. Flip PDF corporate edition not only contains all the attributes of Flip PDF free and Flip PDF professional but also enables its user with new beautiful features. Flip PDF corporate edition is more professional to create a professional flipbook as well as it’s a powerful PDF creator. Flip PDF corporate edition enables to convert text to audio very easily. There are nice build-in templates and scenes in Flip PDF corporate edition to create business presentations, company newsletters, travel magazines, shopping catalogs for flip shopping, history eBooks, etc.

flip PDF corporate edition

Unique Features

1. Replace existing icons on toolbar by editing icon flash files.
2. Add new icons on toolbar with calling new actions.
3. Add “About” button to display contact or some other information.
4. Insert images as well as slideshow with fade effect to the imported pages (define actions, open pop-up images, like go to webpage, etc.)
5. Edit pages with adding links (web/page/ pop-up images/Javascript function).
6. Insert YouTube video, FLV movie to pages.
7. Add sound to the pages at the time of viewing the page to edition flip pdf online.
8. Embed SWF flash into pages with resource library embedded.
9. Insert buttons on pages to link pages, call Javascript function, or play Flash or Video in pop up window.
10. Insert shapes into pages, including lines, Ellipse, Rectangle, Highlight area
11. Add text on pages with defining animation, text font, effect and actions.
12. Add, delete, and reorder pages in existing project
13. Export projects are added in Page Editor, like links, swf, images, movies to import and use it later.
14. Provide the command line version for its users.
15. Integrate many more pre-designed templates and scenes.
16. Add different shopping projects to pages, like Price, Product photos, Order buttons, Shopping icons, etc.
17. More PNG, SWF, Button resources to use.
18. Opportunity for installing 5 users.
19. 1 year free hosting up to 1,000 books.
20. No download required.

Features of Flip PDF corporate edition for Windows/ Mac:

1. Install and work on 5 PCs/Mac computers- 5 license codes.
2. Assimilate more pre-designed templates and scenes for different demands.
3. More Flash, PNG, SWF, Button resources.
4. 1 year of cloud hosting (windows) / Amazon S3 cloud hosting (Mac).
5. Support multi-languages (11 languages)
6. Easily import for various options.
7. Flexible output methods and formats.
8. Customize pre-design templates.
9. Provide multiple control tools.
10. Add Minimal Style to show page-flipping eBooks or page flip pdf without toolbar.
11. Add HTML Title in Float template which can be clicked to visit webpage online.
12. No download required for your digital book.

How it works

To use Flip PDF corporate edition, first, you need to choose templates and then import PDF (no download required). The next step is setting the templates and record audio for an assistant. You have the privilege to edit the pages. Then, you will get output. You can either output the book locally or publish it online directly.

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