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Flip PDF professional is available for both Mac and Windows to convert PDF to digital flipbooks. Flip PDF professional is the edited version of the already existing classic Flip book PDF. All the features of the classic version are not only kept in the Flip PDF professional but also many new functions are added to make it even better. Among the PDF publishing software, this one is the easiest, which allows converting PDF files to ebooks for free. By digital flipping ebooks, this software helps to reduce time as well as cut costs.

flip pdf professional
flip pdf professional

New features of Flip PDF Professional

1. User can add YouTube video, embed video, audio, flash, and link to flip book.
2. Easily add, delete, convert and modify the page with this flipbuilder.
3. Use of command line to automate the creation of the page spinning in your digital flip book or ebooks.
4. Replace existing icons on the toolbar by editing the icon flash file.
5. Add about button to show contact.
6. Insert images, convert to slideshow with fade effect to the imported page-flipping ebooks.
7. Edit pages by adding links.
8. Insert FLV movie and YouTube video to pages.
9. Add sound to the pages at the time of viewing the page.
10. Embed SWF flash into pages instead of a YouTube video.
11. Insert buttons on pages to link pages, call Javascript function, or play Flash or Video in the pop-up window.
12. Insert shapes into pages, including lines, Rectangle, Ellipse, Highlight area.
13. Add text to your ebooks with defining text font, animation, pdf effect, and actions.
14. add, delete, and re-order pages in an existing project.

Features for windows

1. Create digital flip books with embed video, audio, flash, links, and photo album for page-flipping ebooks.
2. View the flash page flip publications on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, and many more.
3. Output your flip books as EXE/SWF/ SCR/HTML/CD/DVD/MAC APP format unswervingly.
4. Extract hyperlinks as well as tables of contents from PDF.
5. Add bookmarks to any page on your page-flipping ebooks.
6. To make a digital page flipping book, apply scenes, with animated background easily.
7. Easily add a photo and embedded animated slideshow.
8. Edit function to add text, animated text, and shape.
9. Add or reorder pages of PDF files flexibly.
10. Use desktop application unlimitedly.
11. Multi-language support.
12. Rich templates to design a page-flipping ebook.
13. Make hardcover flip book and right to left flipping ebook easily.
14. Use a command line to automate the creation of a digital page-flipping ebook

Features for Mac

1. Create a flash page or flipping flash book with embed video, audio, flash, and links.
2. View the flash page flip pdf publications on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, and many more.
3. Keep PDF Hyperlink, Text, and Bookmark for your ebooks.
4. Create APP files for the flip book.
5. Unlimited use of desktop application for your flip book.
6. Full multi-language support for your flipping book.
7. Automatically extract hyperlinks and table of contents from convert PDF to flipping ebook.

How it works (Windows / Mac)

Just need to import PDF files in Flip PDF then set the output. You’ll get the option either to create Flipbook or upload online for free. This is the easiest tool to use to convert pdf files for Microsoft as well as in the Mac environment.

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