Flip PDF Free – How to convert PDF to a flippable PDF?

Flip PDF free is a totally 100% free windows software to convert digital publication from PDF documents, this blog explains the software which allows converting/upload PDF to flip magazine and catalogue, company brochures with flipping effect, company digital magazine catalogue, create your own professional online digital ebook, online publication, flipping book, digital page turning newspapers or publish on you mobile. With this, you won’t need to have any flash programming skills. You just need to import your PDF, and from a variety of pre-set Free PDF to Flip Book, select the theme templates for the final publish. By using this software, you can convert PDF to amazing flipbook for free within 5 minutes. It provides output for your Flash flip book directly as HTML/SWF/ SCR/EXE/ CD/DVD/Mac APP format. Flip PDF free also enables its user to Add audio for flip page or background. Moreover, you can make an analyse and import / upload table of contents from PDF files.

Flip PDF free

Main Features:

Import with various options

1. Import a PDF file to convert it to a pdf flash and create a pdf flipbook (pdf flipbook converter)
2. Add background sound to output flip book.
3. Add background image to flipbook.
4. Convert pdf to flipbook
5. Change background image to flipbook

Customize output appearance

1. Control toolbar button style customizable.
2. Define background color and image.
3. Book show style customizable: Cover page and page settings.
4. Make background settings.
5. Title name and font settings,
6. Page text settings.
7. Define the output size quality of your free page flip pdf flipbook.
8. Insert background music.

Common Features of Flip PDF free – The Best Flipbook Converter

1.Customized Viewer Interface: To change background and toolbar colors you can use a customized viewer. The customized viewer also allows you to add or remove graphics and features.
2. Import Logo: Directly import your logo into a digital edition.
3. Background Image: It allows you to insert any image on the background of your edition directly.
4. Search: For specific content, your readers have the privilege to search within the edition.
5: Thumbnail Browser Interface: Instant overview of the entire edition by using small images.
6. Bookmark: For easy reference and return to a specific page, it allows readers to add bookmarks to your edition.
7. Printing: Readers are enabled to print single as well as multiple pages of the digital edition.
8. Send as e-mail: Both you and your readers are allowed to send an e-mail the digital edition to friends, business associates, and customers.
9. CD Version: Mail your digital edition on a CD or DVD for your customers to watch. Save on paper and mailing costs.
10. Broadcasting with one Button-Click for both online and offline.
11. Sharing on Email, Twitter, and Facebook or publish your ebook or pdf flipbook on a mobile phone.
12. Fullscreen and page overview controls.
13. Automatically flipping pages with page-flipping effect.
14. Compound Methods of Distribution: Online publications can be published from the personal Web server with an upload, embedded on social media, placed on a USB/CD/DVD device, or embedded into e-mail for dissolute, easy distribution.
15. Easy Navigation: Online publications can be read like traditional magazines with the opportunity to turn pages. It also looks like traditional magazines. Search functions allow the readers to find keywords, sentences, or phrases; an expedient index and hyperlinks help readers to locate information rapidly; a zoom function keeps the pages crunchy, charming, and easy to read.
16. Support: Just great support with solutions for all your questions.

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